English IV Electronic Journals

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


1. I see myself as different than the majority of the OLCHS population because I'm of different background. My parents didn't grow up here so everything is new to them and they don't know how to handle their kids in US, while other people from here have parents who have grown up in the same evironment as them. Also I'm one of the only people in this school who's my religion and I have different beliefs from the majority of the population. I am a conformist because I want the same things as the majority of the high school population. I want to finish high school and go to a good college and become successful and I'm pretty sure that most of the other high school students want that sometime in their future.

2. I think the group that is accepted for being different is the group of the people who have different types of talents. Athletics and outstanding students are praised for being different than the majority of the high school population. The groups that seem like outcasts are people of different religion and foreign exchange students. There's a difference because people look up to the athletics and smart kids, because they want to be like them and look at them as normal people with different types of talents. The foreign exchange students are looked upon as outcasts because people see them as different people from themselves because of their beliefs and backgrounds, and this stops them from getting to know them and realizing that even though they believe in different things they can still have alot in common.

3. I felt like an outcast whenever my friends would talk about some holiday or event that was happening in their religion and I couldn't be part of it because I wasn't whatever religion they were. I was sad because I felt lonely, but then I realized I had funner holidays and cooler food to eat so then I was happy. I still feel like an outcast sometimes, but it's not really a big deal anymore because I have friends who are different than me and from each other so we're all alike and different from each other in some way or another.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


1. I think my personal physical appearance is important, but not as important as other things like want kind of person you are. If someone is really good looking and has a great physical appearance, it isn't going to matter if their personality isn't all that great. Physical appearance isn't something that's going to be with us for a long time so people should work harder to make their personalities better, not their looks. The things that are important in maintaining physcial appearance, is eating healthy so your weight is maintained, and also so your body is healthy. Eating the wrong types of food can cause damage in skin. People should also shower and make sure they stay clean. The thing I would change about myself is to make myself taller. Being short isn't that fun so I would just want to be 4 inches taller.

2. I don't think physical appearance is important at all, especially when making friends. I don't really judge people by how they look and if I do it might just be based on how they looked at me, not their physical appearance. The thing I initially notice when I meet people is how they smile, because most of the time you can tell if someone is being fake or not. The way people look isn't that important because it might not be how they are.

3. I think shows like The Swan and Extreme Makeover are really stupid, because it doesn't really give the person a 'makeover' it just gives them a totally new look. Other shows just add makeup and new hair styles and that's fine because they're just doing something different, not becoming a different person. I don't think I would participate in a show like this unless I had some accident and really needed plastic surgery. People who go on these kind of shows are sad because of how they look and if they want a new face, not just a new look, but its their choice. People should just remember the dangers of plastic surgery and that they aren't going to take their physical appearances with them when they die.
I feel the same way after looking at the before and after people, because these people aren't ugly. If they think they don't look great, then getting a new hair cut and putting on make-up is fine, but getting a new face and other fake body parts is crazy. Also plastic surgery might have ruined these people's personality because now they might look down on people who they think don't look as good as they do.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


1. The purpose of this essay is explain what weekends are. In the olden days the weeks started with Sunday, but now everyone considers Monday as the first day of the week. The essay talks about how important weekends are, because they give busy people free time to do things they normally wouldn't do the other days of the week. For example, weekends are the times when people go to movies and play sports. People do these things when they have days off and that is why movies are so popular in the summer; people have time to do those kinds of fun things. The essay also talked about how lesiure time things have now become work, for example people can't always do things just to do them. They have to do things to get something done, even if it isn't part of their "work". Instead of playing tennis, people "work" on their backhand. Lesiure time has become work, so weekends aren't left for doing nothing.

2. My normal weekend is very boring, especially now since I'm filling out all my college applications and getting my homework done. I want to get everything out of the way now so I meet all my deadlines and have time to do things I want later on. I don't think they're really filled with leisure and freedom, because I always have something to get done and never really have time to do fun things. Last weekend I went to the tennis conference and then I went to volunteer and this weekend I have to volunteer again. Then on Sundays I go to Sunday school and do my Sunday school stuff, which sometimes take the whole day. So basically my weekends are filled with volunteering and doing homework until I get all my college stuff done.

3. The thing I would change about my weekend is trying to get everything done during the weekdays. If I did my homework the day I got it, even if it's due a week later, then maybe I'll have time to do things I want to on the weekends. The perfect weekend would be a weekend with no homework, college stuff, or volunteering because then I can do nothing and hang out with my friends all day. I think that kind of weekend will come, after a couple of months when some of the stress is over.

Friday, October 08, 2004

The Sports Taboo

1. Gladwells says that when boys and girls test for their math skills the average is the same, but the results are different. Most of the boys score either in the top or the bottom and the girls score in the middle. He compared the black athletes to the white athletes, by saying that black people are better athletes than white people. Black people are winning more sport events and are overall doing better than whites. He says this difference is just like the difference between black and whites in terms of health and gender. He talks about how blacks have physical differences which makes the better at sports and how it has been passed on from their ancestors.

2. I don't agree on both of these, because there are many things have must come to consideration before deciding which gender is better at what and which race is better at what sport. It depends on the person, and how hard that person works. If a person is a girl, she can work very hard and became excellant in math. Also if a white person is willing to work hard and practice everyday, they can also become great at running or whatever sport they wish to take part it. Race and gender should have nothing to do with skills because they have to be learned and then practiced regularly to become great. They aren't like your genes which predict what disease you will have or how tall you will be. It changes depending on the efforts the person makes.

3. I think racism is the most prominent in school, because people are always making fun of other people for something. Many people might not think they are racist, because they would never make fun of anyone in front of their face, but even saying something offending when you're joking around with a friend still counts as being racist. Racism is also big in school, because there are so many different people and there are always people who don't like certain others for some reason. This causes them to say things and judge the whole race based on a small population or even just one person they had a problem with. Racism is something that might never end, because people have different views and beliefs and that always comes down to basing everything point of view that other person has on their race.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Dave Barry-Relationships

1. The point that Barry is trying to make is that woman should never assume a guy understands them and knows that they have a relationship. He goes by making this point by describing a situation that is very likely to happen with many people. He talks about what goes on in both of their mind and how "assuming" things can often lead to big problems and confusion. His style has an effect on how the reader responds to the essay because he writes about things that the reader has or will go through. He explains both sides of the situation so when the reader does go through that sometime in their life, they know how the person will react and can relate back to the story.

2. The ideal relationship in my mind is when both of the people understand one another and appreciate the others idea. It is also when they trust one another and know that whatever the other person is doing is for the best for both of them. A relationship is also good when both of the people involve know what level of the relationship they are at and both agree on what they want. The characteristics of the other person should be that they are smart, honest, trusting, sincere and loving. The relationship should also be like this. Neither of them should be the boss or tell the other one what to do. They should both have separate lives and goals that they will accomplish in their own way. The other person should just help and encourage them along the way. The characteristics of trust and love are very important because they are the foundation of the relationship. If trust and love aren't there, then the relationship won't work.

3. I think the aspect of relationships most high school students have problems with is commitment and trust. Many kids can't commit because they feel they are too young and that is true. They do have a long time before marriage and they don't want to think about all that when they have other things going on like school. They also have problems with trust and being loyal to the other person and that can be caused by maturity level or personal experiences. Also many kids don't know what they want out of a relationship or out of anything and that can cause problems with the other person. This can be corrected as the person grows up and learns how to maintain a relationship and what they want out of one.

Response to Rich

I agree with his reponse on question 3 because it was almost the same as mine. We both agreed on the main reason on why high school students have problems with relationships and that is fear of commitment. The teenagers aren't fully mature yet so they don't know what they want. All they want to do is have fun and not be attached to someone else because they are still young. They have alot of time to still grow up and meet other people so they don't have to commit themseleves with someone at this moment in their life.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Soto- "The Guardian Angel"

1. A situation when I felt like a guardian angel was looking out for me was when I was eleven. I was playing on my swingset in my yard. I climbed onto one of my swings and was trying to grab hold of the bar that was attached to swing. But my hands slipped because the bar was wet from the rain and I fell. I looked at my wrist and it was bleeding really badly. I just cleaned it up and put a bandaid on it. I went to the doctor a week later and he said it was too late for stitches but if it was one inch lower it could've cut my wrist and I could've died. I felt like I was really lucky that it didn't go all the way through because I would've died. I was gratful that the only thing that I got out of the injury was a scar.

2. A situation when I felt like a guardian wasn't looking out for me was when I got hit in the nose really hard during tennis practice over the summer. I was just waiting for the coach to hit the ball to me and then it headed straight towards my nose and I didn't have enough time to move. I had to sit out and ice my nose and I had a headache for the rest of the week. I felt sad because it hurt really badly and it prevented me from doing things I planned that week because I couldn't go out since my head hurt so much.

3. My friend has really good luck because she always gets what she wants. She is really smart and liked by everyone. Everything always seems to work out for her, even if she didn't give her full effort. Like one day she didn't have her project the day it was due and instead of getting a zero, the teacher allowed her to turn it in the next day and she got the highest grade. I'm not sure why she has such good luck, but it might be because she worked hard in the beginning and everythings paying off now.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Response to kathysmith

I agree with the post about what the differences between the day and night noises and how the night doesn't get rid of our worries. And these worries are caused by stress we are feeling and our inner thoughts about the day that is passed. I don't agree about how the post says you can't live simply. I think living simply isn't getting rid of all your worries, but just getting rid of worries that aren't necessary. People shouldn't worry about things that don't matter, if everyone worried about every little thing, then what would happen to this world...everyone would be depressed and not willing to go on. I agree about how little noises like the bed squeaking can keep a person up, because we worry about things like test/quizes and other upcoming events that we might be scared of and that causes us to hear things and not be able to sleep.

Seneca Question Response

1. Yes I agree that there are two different types of noises. During the day is when most of the activity is going on and that is why there are different types of noises then, then there are during the nighttime. The noises people hear during the day are things like traffic, people talking, animals, and other natural surroundings. The nighttime people hear things like whispers, water leaking and footsteps in the hallways. Many people might not hear these things at night, but think they do and blame the noises on why they couldn't sleep. The day and night noises are just different sounds, but everything else is the same. Night still causes people to have problems, it doesn't take the worries away, it just replaces it with noises that prevent the person from sleeping.

2. Yes I agree that living simply means not worrying about things, because worry is what causes people's moods to change. Some examples of how a person can live their life simply is by not worrying about little mistakes. If someone made a small mistake, they shouldn't let that ruin their day. They should just keep going, because worrying might cause them to make even bigger mistakes. Another way to live simply is to not worry about what other people think. If people just do what they want and how they want it, it wouldn't do something they don't like just to please someone else and if they didn't please anyone, they wouldn't be stressed out. The 3rd one someone can live simply is by not worrying about something that is done a long time ago. If they keep worrying about things from years before and aren't able to move on, they won't progress in the future. They should just think about things that are going to come and not things that have happened in the past.

3. One of the things that make noise while I sleep are the crickets outside. I think the cause of this noise is trying to hard to fall asleep, and not being able to. I think I can decrease the volume by not trying to sleep and clearing my head so I don't hear the noise and am just able to fall asleep. Another thing I hear when I'm trying to sleep is trains going by. The cause of it is the trains going on the tracks and a way I can decreased the volume is by clearing my head and just falling asleep before hearing the noises.